A Premium Video Platform Providing the Healthcare Industry with an End-to-End Solution to Reach and Engage with their Customers

Video Production: Creative and Engaging Videos

Videum creates global award-winning videos for the healthcare sector. We provide a leading-edge creative approach to branded video content, helping brands share their engaging stories with their customers.

We have a deep understanding of the complex regulatory environment surrounding the healthcare industry, the underlying science and the sensitivity of working with healthcare professionals and patients.

Secure Platform: Safe and Compliant Video Hosting

Videum achieves regulatory compliance with reliable geo-restriction of the video player and by requiring physicians to sign in before viewing professional-only content.

Multilanguage: Captions, Subtitles and Interactive Transcripts

Videum uses medical translators to caption and subtitle videos into multiple languages. The transcripts are interactive and the viewer can use them to skip along the video content to the part that interests them the most.

These have the option to be indexed by search engines, which provides SEO benefits in multiple countries.

Global Reach: Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Videum has a global database of 3 million healthcare professionals and 250 million patients that can be segmented by location, speciality or condition.

In addition, Videum distributes its video library on websites visited by medical professionals and consumer health audiences around the world.

Engagement Analytics: Interactive Video Player

Videum’s interactive video player is an easy and effective gateway to supplementary marketing materials that’s delivered through contextual overlays in the form of clickable hotspots and pop ups that appear at key moments of the video to reinforce and enrich the learning experience.

Videum provides engagement analytics that measure in real time what individual actions viewers took within the interactive player.

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Select clients that use the Videum platform

AstraZeneca Teva Helsinn Celgene Netdoctor Lloyds Blausen NHS Touch Medical Media National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society Pharmaphorum M3